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Patrick Burke burke at ucla.edu
Wed Jan 21 13:11:35 PST 2015

At 10:28 AM 1/15/2015, Sean J Keegan wrote:

>New Legal Updates

>The US Department of Education’s Office for

>Civil Rights and two universities entered into

>resolution agreements regarding website

>accessibility and e-learning platforms in

>December, 2014. Direct links to the resolution

>agreements and letters for the University of

>Cincinnati and Youngstown State University can

>be found under Legal News on the ATHEN site


Thanks Sean for gathering these cases. It would
be useful to include a publication date (e.g. for
the press releases). That would create a nice
timeline of progress on these issues.

Also, in reading deep down into the Youngstown
State Letter, it says that YSU has lab
workstations with Jaws 4.0 & Zoomtext available.
I hope hope hope that "4.0" is a misprint for
14.0. Jaws 4.0 would not be a very useful
accommodation. They would have to be running
Win98 or something... Certainly not compatible with any modern browser.

Just curious if anyone more familiar with the
case is out there & might have any info on this
small but crucial point. From the other topics
addressed in the letter, it sounds like they were
trying to be accessible before the OCR
investigation & had some elements in place, just
lacked organizational structure & consistency.
(Just my reading of the document.)

Thanks very much,
Patrick J. Burke

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