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Alexa Schriempf ats169 at psu.edu
Thu Jul 2 08:41:03 PDT 2015

Hi All,

An update on my recent quest for an accessible copy of the APA's
Publication Manual, 6th ed.

*Rebecca Cagle *of NTU supplied a Word doc generated by her team's
conversion of the PDF. That word doc is being further remediated by Susan
Hayya of the Penn State Libraries and ATS Lab. She reports that it's a
beautifully structured Word doc and just needs a little further clean up.
We are grateful to Rebecca and NTU -- thank you!

*Jamie Axelrod *and crew of NAU supplied two PDFs, one for the full manual
and one for the Pocket version of the manual. These PDFs are not tagged,
but are very clean and very usable if you need a PDF. Other list members
also supplied PDFs as well. Thank you to you all! *The APA*: I contacted
the APA people and asked about what kind of file format they share upon
request through their "special permissions" web form. They informed me it
was a PDF and moreover that PDF would have to be viewed through their
proprietary software called Lock Lizard. LockLizard is not accessible nor
navigable by the blind, nor are the PDF files in anything other than
graphic mode so there is no way to get text to speech out of either their
PDF or LockLizard. They told me that "With special permission" i could cut
the book and scan it. A refrain we are all familiar with! :)

*To Sum:* We at Penn State now have the clean publisher PDFs and an
accessible Word doc of this book in our databases and are happy to share if

Thank you everyone for all your help!

Alexa Schriempf, PhD
Access Tech Consultant
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