[Athen] Assistive Listening in the Classroom

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Hi Nazely:

Related to your interest in replacing older Sennheiser headsets and if you are looking to extend the lifespan of some of the systems you already have, you may want to check if the EKI830 receiver is compatible with your SI30 modulator/radiator. Both of the headsets you listed are stethoscope style, which seem to be unpopular with users from a functionality and aesthetics perspective. This receiver has a jack for headphones, neck loop, or other audio output.

Oddly, this product does not appear on their main ALD page, so it is challenging to find a receiver for their IR systems with a headphone jack.

Heads up though that the receivers don’t come with a charger, that the batteries are specific to the receiver, and that they only sell one charger. That charger has 10 slots and is very expensive. (nearly $400)
(look under Accessories > Charger)

My experience with the Sennheiser IR systems is limited, so I can’t recommend either way whether to stick with that system for new installs, but the above receiver may be a way to get some additional life out of transmitters you already have installed, in a form factor that may be more appealing to users..

Todd Schwanke

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Dear Colleagues,

Our Educational Communications (EdComm) department is currently using the Sennheiser A200 and the Sennheiser IS410 headsets (connecting to SI 30 modulators and emitters) for classrooms seating over 50 and containing a public address system. These systems were chosen in the early 2000’s as the easiest to install and use (at the time). We have not looked at any competing product to these headsets in at least 8 years.

We’d very much like to hear if you have information regarding contemporary assisted listening systems. What do you like? What don’t you like? What have you tried? Did it work? Are the ones that work complimentary to the portable units that your office hands out?

We’ll be installing a system in August in our Learning Studio. We're fine with continuing to use the Sennheisers but we are interested if there’s a better product. We are most interested in replacing the older Sennheiser headsets. If you're aware of some kind of modulator/emitter than makes more sense, please let us know as well.

FYI - The Services for Students with Disabilities office (SSD) currently has several Phonak Roger MyLink Receivers and Roger Inspiro Transmitters to loan out to students.

Many thanks,

Nazely Kurkjian
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