[Athen] useful AT for this student

Lisa Brandt lisa.brandt1 at pcc.edu
Wed May 27 16:57:54 PDT 2015

If she can do any kind of touch input at all (i.e., touching one spot on
the screen and moving around), a Swype-style keyboard might work. If even
that is too much, maybe Dasher. Not everyone can adjust to it, but some
people get very fast at it.

> On May 26, 2015, at 8:53 PM, Jennison Asuncion

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>> Hi,


>> This question came to me and it is out of my realm of knowledge. Any

>> help is appreciated in terms of AT that might be useful.



>> "The student has an iPhone and accessibility to any other tech she

>> needs (we will get

>> whatever she needs if she doesn¹t have it). She has a permanent

>> tracheotomy tube causing her speech to be not as strong

>> and clear as needed. She has tried various speech to text apps

>> including the new dragon without

>> success. She is dependent on adults to write for her as her hands are

>> malformed

>> making writing near impossible."


>> Jennison

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