[Athen] Unable to Save Some Finereader 12 Documents as Other Formats?

Al Puzzuoli alpuzz at msu.edu
Wed Nov 18 11:23:03 PST 2015

Hi all,
Just wondering whether anyone else has seen this issue? We are finding that we are unable to save some Finereader documents into other formats such as Microsoft Word. If we select save as Microsoft Word, Finereader 12 crashes with the message that Finereader has stopped working. The odd thing is this only seems to be happening with particular documents; for example, it may happen with a specific section of a book, while all other sections of the book export to Word just fine. We're not sure if there are certain characteristics of these pages that are breaking the save as process or what. We are using the latest build of Finereader Corporate,, on Windows 8.1 machines with I7 Quad core Processors and 16 gigs of ram. We have a lab with several machines all using the same image, and this occurs on all of them.
Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
Al Puzzuoli
Information Technologist
Michigan State University,
Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities, 120 Bessey Hall East Lansing, MI 48824-1033

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