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I think Shawn's experience may be an outlier since I asked about just this issue in the Spring (we started with AIM over a year ago and like other aspects). Our school's B&N refused to ever do that. The national B&N headquarters said the data was "proprietary" (?!) I would suggest as Shawn does to put that in your bookstore contract or you will still be doing all that by hand (or having student's enter it by hand and then having to verify every aspect...

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The biggest problem with the whole equation isn't AIM- they can totally
work with a csv file upload and it's quite easy to do. The biggest problem
is the delays involved in getting information out of Barnes and Noble.
Here's how that process works here (assuming, of course, that faculty have
all been good people and put their book orders in on time...a big

1. I email bookstore manager to ask for booklist
2. Bookstore manager emails their corporate office to ask for approval.
3. File goes to the regional manager for approval
4. File gets sent to bookstore manager
5. Bookstore manager sends me file
6. I do quick cleanup and upload
7. Booklist changes because faculty changed their mind on a book or were
late in adding their orders - start at 1 again.

If you're in the negotiation process for their contract, push for a more
direct system. This one is ridiculous.
Good luck!

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