[Athen] FW: MS WORD 2016 Compability Inquiry

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We've found that you'll get the best, most accurate and accessible PDF if
you use the most current software tools.

Today, those are Word 2016 and Acrobat DC (which installs PDFMaker ver. 15.0
in MS Office).

We remediate dozens of documents a week for clients. Just checked a few
samples and all had the correct tags in the tag tree as well as in the Order
Panel (TURO tool).

I recommend that you update your Acrobat to DC and keep your Word 2016.

Don't go backwards. And never assume that outdated software knows about
today's standards.

Remember, it takes two pieces of software to create an accessible PDF: the
source application software (Word 2016) and the converting software (Acrobat
PDFMaker 15.0). You won't get solid results if one of them is out of date.
(Which is why we need to work with both Adobe and Microsoft to get the
accessibility problems resolved.)

Have attached a remake of your PDF. Took your Word document and opened it in
Word 2016, exported to accessible PDF with Acrobat DC/PDF Maker 15. Open my
version in Acrobat and you'll see the tags in the Order Panel/TURO are
accurate and match the tag tree.

FYI, you can see which versions of the source application and converting
software were used to create a PDF by doing the following:

1. Open the PDF in Acrobat Pro.

2. File / Properties.

3. First tab, Description.

4. Towards the middle you see the source and convertion software. PDF
Producer shows which software and version was used to convert the source to
the PDF.

--Bevi Chagnon

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Subject: [Athen] FW: MS WORD 2016 Compability Inquiry

Hi Marrinette,

As the MS Office list is a closed list and under NDA, unfortunately, I can't
engage the team in a conversation with non-members. However I am forwarding
your question to the Athen list and I am positive someone will have answer
for you.

If you are not a member of this public list, you might want to consider to
join it.

From: Marinette Fargo [mailto:mfargo at uoguelph.ca]
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Subject: MS WORD 2016 Compability Inquiry

Hello Members of the Office Accessibility Working Group,

I hope this message finds you all well. I was a former member of the MS
Office accessibility working group and I am reaching out to you to ask for
some guidance.

I am wondering if anyone in the group has recently encountered issues with
converting documents created in MS WORD 2016 to ACROBAT PDF?

I've attached a MS WORD Doc that has been created accessible and should
carry proper tags into Acrobat. However, this is not the case. The resulting
PDF looks like the tags are correct in the tag tree but not according to the
TURO tool. If you expand the tag tree, there are many empty containers and
tags that have carried over from the WORD doc.

I took this to out internal IT department to ask them to do some testing and
they have notified me that it is a compatibility issue between WORD 2016 and
Acrobat Pro XI. Their recommendation was for me to revert back to WORD 2013
as a solution but our campus has already upgraded everyone to WORD 2016 so
this is obviously not an ideal solution.

I present training workshops on document accessibility and this issue is
generating quite a bit of confusion and conflicting information so I am
looking for any additional info I can get to help us find a better solution
or at least verify the cause of the issue.

I appreciate any feedback or suggestions you are able to offer.

Take Care,


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McLaughlin Library - Room 124

University of Guelph
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