[Athen] Unlinking Field Codes in Word Documents

Karlen Communications info at karlencommunications.com
Thu Dec 29 06:17:02 PST 2016

Hi Everyone!

As we get ready for the new year and continue our lifelong learning paths, I
found something new I thought I'd share. Although it has been around since
Word 95/97.

I needed to unlink field codes in an article before publishing and.who
knew.there is actually a tool in Word for doing this!

I put this tool on my Quick Access Toolbar so that I don't have to look for
it again as there is no keyboard command for it.

Here are the steps:

1. Press Alt + F, T for the File/Backstage area, Word Options.
2. In the Word Options dialog, press Q for Quick Access Toolbar.
3. Tab into the settings for the Quick Access Toolbar and in the list
of commands, choose All commands.
4. Press Tab to move to the actual list of all commands.
5. Press U for Unlink Fields or Unlink Field Codes.forget the exact
words but you'll know it when you land on it.
6. Press Alt + A to Add it to your Quick Access Toolbar.
7. Tab to the OK button and press Enter.

When you need to unlink things like links, citations, tables of content,
bibliography, tables of figures and so forth, select them and then go to the
Quick Access toolbar and activate the Unlink Fields/Unlink Field Codes.

If you need to make sure that all linked items in your document are
unlinked, select all of the document (Ctrl + A) and then activate the Unlink
Fields/Unlink Field Codes from the Quick Access Toolbar.

Cheers, Karen

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