[Athen] job description for captioning coordinator?

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To follow up on the post I shared yesterday from Jamie Axelrod, the program here at NAU will in the near future be advertising for an additional position in this very area. This is not yet available for job applicants, but here’s the proposed new job description in case it helps (Note that our Usable Materials Center performs not only captioning but also document conversion on a proactive basis for the university community):

Usable Materials Center – Coordinator
Job Description

· Responsible for monitoring requests for materials in alternate format from eligible DR students and the campus community.

· Responsible for monitoring requests for video captioning from faculty with students eligible to receive this accommodation, and the campus community.

· Requesting electronic textbooks from publisher or purchasing from bookstore/online if not available.

· Cutting, scanning and rebinding of print material not available in electronic format.

· Downloading video content and creating transcript files for revisions.

· Prioritizing requests for both alternate format and captioning, creating workflow and adding to the work queue.

· Supervising progress in work queue to make sure materials are received in a timely manner or by deadline. Coordinating with student workers at Extended Campus to get captions up on NAU-TV site by specific dates.

· Quality control of both print matter output and video captioning.

· Publishing completed captioned files and videos to NAU-TV site.

· Delivery of converted material and captioned files to appropriate person.

· Develops and schedules work plans for Disability Resources student employee AFP/UMC staff. Coordinates, monitors, and supervises the activities of Disability Resources student employee AFP/UMC staff, including interviewing/hiring/firing.

· Training AFP/UMC student employees in AFP procedures and video transcription procedures.

· Completing payroll for student employees.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

· Ability to effectively present information and appropriately respond to students, faculty and staff, including students who may be in distress.

· Ability to work with interruptions, frequent deadlines and multiple assignments, multi-task under pressure of deadlines, and ability to make judgments and decisions independently.

· Ability to effectively interact with persons of diverse socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds.

· Excellent oral and written communication skills, organizational and time-management skills, and problem solving skills.

· Knowledge of different formats for print material and types of assistive technology that may be used to access the material.

· Familiar with best practices for converting print material to an accessible format

· Ability to trouble-shoot and effectively perform video downloads.

· Familiarity with software for converting audio/video files to different formats.

· Detail oriented with excellent eye-hand coordination.

· Ability to communicate technical and possibly complicated information to a non-technical audience.

Minimum Qualifications

· Bachelor’s Degree or

· 2+ years’ supervisory experience, 2+ years’ experience working in an Alternate Format Program and proficiency with Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Excel

Preferred Qualifications

· Experience working with video editing/download/transcription software such as Handbrake, Wondershare, DocSoft, DVD Decrypter, etc.

· Experience creating audio files from print matter

· Experience cutting, scanning and re-binding books

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Hi Ken,

I am trying to get funding to augment our SSD captioner's responsibilities to start a pilot service to caption faculty videos for online lectures. (Our MOOC people are already captioning their classes.) I'm also asking for funding for a couple grad students to start with. Did you fill your position and are you able to provide faculty support that goes beyond individual student accommodation?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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Does anyone have a sample a job description for a “captioning coordinator” or have a description that has captioning coordination as part of an alt media or other DS coordinator position?

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