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Kitara Smith kitara.smith at umuc.edu
Fri Jun 17 06:21:38 PDT 2016

Good Morning,

I have posed this question earlier this week, but haven’t received any
response. I thought I would give more detail in hopes of getting some

I have a vision impaired student that is currently taking a graduate class
that heavily relies on statistics. She uses the Zoomtext magnifier/screen
reader to assist her in the course. There are exercises that she must
complete as homework that make reference to several charts and graphs in
the text (she has the e-text). Of course the screen reader on Zoomtext
will not read the charts and graphs. This student’s vision impairment
impacts the detail and resolution of things she’s viewing. So when she
looks at the graphs, in particular, she’s not able to see any fine lines
and/or the contrast of shading in the graphs. Additionally, the more the
image is magnified, the less resolution and sharpness she can see. This is
making it difficult for her to complete her assignments. Have you ever run
across something like this? This student is taking this course online, so
it’s difficult to get her physical one on one assistance in reading the
graphs. We are working on that, but I didn’t know if there may be anything
else that can help her.

I appreciate any help or thoughts you may have on this. Thank you!

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