[Athen] CommonLook tools for PDF remediation

Chagnon | PubCom chagnon at pubcom.com
Fri May 27 10:18:59 PDT 2016

We use CommonLook as a last-resort tool to remediate non-compliant PDFs from
our clients.

Our usual workflow is:

1) Create a well-styled and formatted Word / PowerPoint / InDesign
document (the source document). Or, fix the author's source document.

2) Export to PDF.

3) Take care of the (usually) minor oversights and errors in the PDF
with Acrobat Pro. CommonLook is rarely needed if the source document is
created correctly.

We use CommonLook when the source document isn't available so the PDF has to
be remediated.

Great tool. Nice features. Can't live without for those horrible PDFs
clients give us.

But the user interface is intimidating, not very user friendly until you use
it long enough to figure out what's where. And the user manual isn't very
user friendly, either. We created our own in-house user manual for my
508-technicians to use.

--Bevi Chagnon


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Good morning all,

Is anyone using CommonLook Global Access to remediate and repair legacy
PDFs? If so, I'd like to hear about your experience. Please excuse



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