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Nazely Kurkjian kurkjian at binghamton.edu
Tue May 31 05:48:47 PDT 2016

Good morning,

One of our professors is very proactive and mindful of accessibility when
designing her courses. She recently asked me: How do you create an activity
in an online course, like a discussion board, that is interactive but still
make it accessible to all students? I suspect I would need to see what
particular disabilities a student in my class has and modify it from there,
but if you can recommend a good website, blog, etc. on this subject in
general, I am just curious.

Does anyone have any recommendations or experience with technologies
accessible to various users (e.g., Storyline - I know Storyline isn't
perfectly accessible but if you avoid certain features and publish it a
certain way it can be accessible to all users)? Or websites with this kind
of information?

Thank you~

*Nazely Kurkjian*
*"Shame on us... If we let the wonders of educational technology and
broadband internet lead to more inequality as opposed to less"*

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Services for Students with Disabilities - UU 119
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