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Can you expound on “[3Play] doesn’t support the interactive player the same way [as Cielo24]”. Granted, I don’t use Cielo24…

3Play Interactive Transcript Light color scheme<https://s3.amazonaws.com/interactive.3playmedia.com/portal/templates/v1/iframe-embed.html?video_id=fTDhi12rqYc&project_id=20413&lc=youtube&template=youtube-embed-light&width=640px&height=720px>
3Play Interactive Transcript Dark color scheme<https://s3.amazonaws.com/interactive.3playmedia.com/portal/templates/v1/iframe-embed.html?video_id=fTDhi12rqYc&project_id=20413&lc=youtube&template=youtube-embed-dark&width=640px&height=720px>

What are your top needs for a captioning service provider? You know, the deal breakers? I can speak to the 3Play Media experience, as a newer, yet frequent user since Oct 2016.

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Does anyone have a recommendation for caption services? Currently we are utilizing Cielo 24 and the interactive transcript player but we are thinking about changing to 3Play Media, however just found out 3Play doesn't support an interactive transcript in the same way.

If you have any feedback it would be appreciated.

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