[Athen] Creating Relationships in Microsoft Access 2016 with Jaws

Russell Solowoniuk SolowoniukR at macewan.ca
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Hi Timothy,

Okay, when you're in the relationship window with your tables showing, tab to the first table that you wish to create a relationship with. Arrow to the field you want to relate... actually, at this point, I don't think it matters which field you choose. Press the applications key, and from the contex menu, choose, "Show Direct". This will open the "Edit Relationship" window. Tab till you get to the "Create New" button and enter on this. You will be placed in the "left table name" combobox. Press Alt + Down Arrow to open the combobox and select the table you want. Tab to the "Right table name" and do the same. Tab again and you will be in the "Left Column Name" combobox. Choose the field you want to relate. Tab again to the "Right column name" combobox and choose the field you want. Tab to OK and press enter. You will be on the Enforce Referential Integrity checkbox. If memory serves, in most cases, you don't need to check this. Tab to "Create" and press enter. That should do the trick.

If you ever wish to delete a relationship, just bring up the "Edit Relationship" window while in one of the related tables by pressing the applications key on one of the fields and choosing "Show Direct" from the context menu. Tab through this window and make sure that both tables in the relationship are shown in the left and right table name comboboxes. If no tables are shown, press alt + down arrow and choose the table in both the left and right side. Only one field is shown, so make sure it is one that is part of the relationship you want to delete. Tab to OK, and press enter. You will be back in the relationship window with the relationship line highlighted. Before pressing any other key, press the delete key. You will be asked if you are sure you want to delete the relationship. Confirm and the relationship is gone.

Hope this helps.


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>>> Timothy Breitenfeldt <timothyjb310 at gmail.com> 2017-01-22 7:01 PM >>>

Hi, I am taking a course this quarter on Microsoft Access and Excel,
and I am having problems creating relationships with Jaws in Access. I
have had pretty good success using Access up to this point with Jaws,
but I can't figure out how to create the relationship between tables
with the keyboard.

I am able to create the tables, click on the relationship tab, add the
tables, and even view the table's fields in the relationship viewer. I
can see the fields I want to relate, but I am unable to relate them
with the keyboard. everyone just says to drag and drop the fields.
Does anyone know how to do this with Jaws?


TJ Breitenfeldt
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