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I happen to have reached to McGraw-Hill re: Connect and a specific Nutrition text and online lab. I got a fairly unsatisfactory answer as well as VPAT’s. I’ve attached them here but I’m not sure if this listserve allows attachments. If they don’t come through you can email me directly and I’ll send them your way. arovner at shoreline.edu<mailto:arovner at shoreline.edu>

I was unhappy with some of the “exceptions” noted in the VPAT re: mouse necessary, etext all images, etc.


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This is my first time posting, so here goes nothing….

I am looking into the screen reader accessibility of McGraw-Hill Connect for a student’s class for the fall semester 2017. I have read through some of the ATHEN archives, as well as information on the McGraw-Hill site, and it looks like the platform is basically inaccessible. However, the last listserv communication that I can find on the topic (from about a year ago, May 2016) there was some information that was shared from McGraw Hill’s accessibility manager, stating, “The majority of development and enhancements that will improve display and screen reader capabilities is slated for later this year and summer 2017.” To that end, I was curious if anyone has heard or observed anything new in terms of screen reader accessibility? Any information would be much appreciated. Thank you!



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