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This is great! Thanks for sharing.

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What are you trying to mark up? If it is just chemical equations, then you can simply use MathType in Word. NVDA will read the expressions if you have MathPlayer installed. [I attached a brief video to demonstrate. It probably gets stripped over the listserv, but I also copied your direct email.]

If you are trying to get Lewis diagrams to read, Volker Sorge has done some work in that direction. See more at https://progressiveaccess.com/chemistry/

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Hi all athen-ites

Working for several hours today on creating a chemistry document in MSWord, using Chemistry Plugin + CHEM4Word Plugin and saving out as a CML (Chemistry mark-up language) then looking and looking and looking for a text-to-speech reader for CHM.

Anyone in the techy world know whether NVDA/JAWS reads CML documents or whether this must go through another conversion to XML and created as a Daisy Talking Book?

Am working on creating a work-flow process. Tips & insights welcome.

How I spend my time ;>)

Wink Harner

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