[Athen] Where to look for video which has audio description

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The Described and Captioned Media Program might be an option to explore.

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I am thinking you are looking for something parallel to the Guttenberg Project or Bookshare or ATN but for described material. I do not know of any index or repository of audio described material if the publisher/distributer does not have a described version available.

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Hi all,

We are hoping to find videos which has been audio described. The videos are foreign language (Spanish in this case).

Here are a couple of place we've already looked:

* http://www.acb.org/adp/dvdsalpha.html
* http://www.acb.org/adp/masterad.html
* http://www.acb.org/adp/netflixadother.html
All are from American Council of the Blind. Are there other places we could look?


Corrine Schoeb
Technology Accessibility Coordinator, ITS

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