[Athen] WebAIM Survey of Accessibility Practitioners

Jennifer Sutton jsuttondc at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 19:22:29 PDT 2018

ATHENites and others:

Forgive any cross-posting/duplication. I suspect some may miss this
while at CSUN.

I do realize that many of you on this email list (ATHEN) focus more on
assistive technology than on the web, specifically, but many of you
don't, based on the posts I read.

Please share with your colleagues; I think it would be great to get a
significant response-set, outside the usual echo chamber (or what I
sometimes perceive as such, especially on Twitter).

As a side note, this is a big reason why I post things to this email
list; I think there are a lot of people in the space who don't see
information since many on the "inside" tend only to post items to Twitter.

That being said, I'm shifting my focus away from web accessibility, so I
expect to be posting less here. To that end, for your "web accessibility
news fix," some of you might want to subscribe to this Twitter list,
maintained by Dennis Lembree:




Tweet from @webaim

WebAIM @webaim

Do you implement accessibility? Please take a few minutes to complete
this important Web Accessibility Practitioners Survey -
 Please share and spread the word.

21 March

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