[Athen] Accessible, Universally Designed Classrooms?

Hunziker, Dawn A - (hunziker) hunziker at email.arizona.edu
Mon Oct 15 17:41:10 PDT 2018

Hi all,

Do you have links to articles or your own stories about classrooms where the top design criteria were accessibility and collaboration?
Background for the question: A unit at the University of Arizona is applying for an internal grant to create the ultimate universally designed classroom. We are thinking about height adjustable furniture for students and faculty, assisted listening gear, in-room wireless sharing of presentation materials so that low-vision students can get up close to the material without being up close to the projector, wider spacing for tables along with wheels on furniture to support any learning configuration.
All feedback and suggestions are welcomed - Thank you!

Dawn Hunziker
IT Accessibility Consultant, Sr.

Disability Resource Center
University of Arizona
hunziker at email.arizona.edu<mailto:hunziker at email.arizona.edu>

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