[Athen] AI and Accessibility Webinar

Norm Coombs norm.coombs at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 09:57:19 PDT 2018

EASI Free Webinar: Inclusive Design of Artificial Intelligence Thursday
October 25
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and accessibility: will it enhance or
impede accessibility for users with disabilities?
Artificial intelligence used to be all about the distance future, but it
has now become mainstream. It is already impacting us in ways we may not
recognize. It is impacting us today already. It is involved in search
engines. It is involved in the collecting of big data and analyzing it.
It is involved in all the arguments about the way social media is being
used to effect, or try to effect, our thinking and our politics. How
else might it play a role in the future of accesibility?
The webinar presenter: Jutta Treviranus at University of Toronto will
explore these questions in the webinar on Thursday, October 25 at 11
Pacific, noon Mountain, 1 central or 2 Eastern You can register now but
registration closes Wed. Oct. 24 at midnight Eastern.
You can register now on the web at http://easi.cc and look for the link
for webinars.
Those who register should get directions for joining sent late wednesday
or Early on Thursday.
If you do not get this email, try looking just before webinar time at:


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