[Athen] Chrome 70 and Combo boxes

Deborah Armstrong armstrongdeborah at fhda.edu
Wed Oct 24 09:24:35 PDT 2018

A recent Freedom Scientific blog implies that changes had to be made to JAWS to fix a problem caused when Chrome auto-updated to version 70. But when I recently tried using an application with lots of combo boxes and older versions of JAWS and NVDA, it seemed the only change I needed to make was to be sure to use alt-down arrow to open the combo box; simply arrowing no longer worked.

Of course I was in forms/focus mode before I tried this.

But on another computer, I found I really did need the latest NVDA and/or JAWS before I could work with combo boxes at all.

So just a heads up - I'm taking an online course and each quiz has multiple combo boxes. And drop-down lists. The drop-down lists were especially problematic unless I was running the beta of JAWS 2019, which worked just fine.


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