[Athen] More Adobe Acrobat Accessibility Errors

Karlen Communications info at karlencommunications.com
Thu Apr 4 06:44:11 PDT 2019

I just converted an accessible Word document (created using Word 2016 from
Office 365 subscription )to tagged PDF using the Acrobat/Adobe add-in
Ribbon. I did check the settings before doing so and everything seems fine.
I've used this document consistently since at least 2015 for my workshops.
This is the first time I've received these two errors.

I started getting the primary language failure last week and it continues.
The Microsoft conversion tool identifies the language as English which is
correct. I appreciate that it is not a localized language. But the Adobe
conversion tool from the Acrobat Ribbon did not identify any primary

I also always add a document title in Word and usually this converts when
using either the Microsoft or Adobe conversion tools. It is still there is I
use the Microsoft conversion tool but I get an Adobe Accessibility Full
Check error in Acrobat Pro DC saying that there is no title for the
document. I press Ctrl + D and the title is there. I right click on the
title failure in the Accessibility Report and say "fix" and the title is

Am not sure what is going on but these two items are pretty basic for the
Acrobat Pro Dc conversion tool to not get right.

Is anyone else seeing this?

Cheers, Karen

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