[Athen] How does one read copy-protected books on an iPAD using audio?

Deborah Armstrong armstrongdeborah at fhda.edu
Thu Jan 17 09:55:02 PST 2019

The situation: several of my sighted students have purchased their books using either the Kindle or the iBOOKS app on iPADS.

The only way I know to read a copy-protected book outside of VoiceOver is one screen at a time using the speak screen command.

One student has attempted to learn voiceOver but is struggling with the learning curve, as she is sighted and does not want to change her gestures.

The other student had no problem with the gestures changing, but she doesn't like VoiceOver's voice.

Normally, we recommend apps like VoiceDream reader, but it won't read copy-protected material. If a book is sandboxed in one app like Nook or VitalSource, how can a student read it both visually and using audio? Any suggestions?


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