[Athen] screen-sharing between PC and Mac?

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Hi All,

I share a lot of devices across each other (MacOS, Windows, iPhone, Android, Xbox, PS4).

Microsoft remote desktop should work, if:

* the student’s computer is Windows 7,8, 10 *PRO*
* if the school’s network is not blocking remote desktop access
* if the student’s home internet is not blocking remote desktop access (if the PC is off campus
* and if on the windows computer all the proper settings are set, including windows firewall.

I agree with Dan’s recommendation of Zoom. If remote control is needed you could also try TeamViewer (its free for personal use). Note: TeamViewer may not work with AT (some AT require special licenses for remote access).


Joe Humbert

joe at a11yeval.com

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Common conferencing programs will do the trick, as long as the Mac user doesn't need to interact with the PC screen as far as a screenreader. We've had excellent results conferencing with Zoom.

-*- Dan

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I was hoping someone on here might have helpful suggestions for sharing a PC’s screen to a Mac. I’ve already tried downloading Microsoft Remote Desktop to both of my devices to test it out, but after checking all settings quite a few times, it’s still not working. Thanks in advance for the help!



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