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Good day!

Passing this webinar invitation along for those who may wish to join us for a facilitated discussion about AT For Concussions in PSE – A sharing & resource session.

Please note that the registration closes tomorrow at midnight. Seating is filling up quick!

Apologies for cross postings. N.O.A.T. events are open to all AT Professionals and our goal is to circulate the invitation to as many as possible.

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Adaptive / Assistive Technology to support post-secondary students diagnosed with concussion / post concussion syndrome

Join The Network of Assistive Technologists on February 7, 2020 @ 1:30pm EST for a sharing & resource session facilitated by Anne Newman, Adaptive Technologist at Queen’s University.

The Adaptive / Assistive Technology community are receiving an increased number of referrals for post-secondary college and university students diagnosed with concussion, or post-concussion syndrome (PCS). There are important factors to consider when providing individual assistance to students with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) as they resume studies and continue learning. Please join the discussion as we unpack some of the questions of how we might establish best practices in the absence of formal guidelines.

The key considerations of this discussion could be:
· Cognitive changes: shortened attention span, recalling short / long-term memory, problem solving, retaining new information, comprehension
· Executive function: planning, scheduling, self-monitoring, prioritizing
· Physical / sensory issues: vision, head & neck strain, balance, chronic pain
· Psychosocial impairments: anxiety, stress, mood & sleep disorders
· Fatigue and overstimulation
How are folks addressing these learning issues?

What software or applications have you found to be helpful to students with concussions experiencing these changes?

To provide context to our discussion, Anne will give a brief introduction including some helpful background information and statistics. We welcome your shared experience and encourage everyone to bring resources and questions to the discussion. We are not setting policy. We seek to fill the knowledge gap, generate ideas and help each other to best support students and promote a positive learning outcome.

Anne Newman is the Adaptive Technologist at the Adaptive Technology Centre in Stauffer Library at Queen’s University. The centre provides quiet study space, services and supports to referred students who identify as having a disability (including learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, physical or mobility issues, vision or hearing loss, cerebral palsy, mental health, stress or anxiety disorders, sports related injuries and concussion). Many of these students have a dual diagnosis.

REGISTER NOW - Seating for this webinar is limited - Save your spot!<http://events.noat.ca/upcoming/at-for-concussions-in-pse>

Registration closes Thursday, February 6, 2020 @ 11:59pm EST

Any questions, let us know at info at NOAT.ca

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