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Thanks everyone, great resources!

I thought I would share some resources I found that were related to games
and interactive drop and drop.

If you do drag and drop, this article is really good:

For gaming, I found these two really good:




On Thu, Feb 6, 2020 at 10:59 AM Sorensen, Neal B <neal.sorensen at mnsu.edu>

> Sorry this one is not educational.


> On Twitch.tv there is a video game streamer named "halfcoordinated" who is

> a gaming accessibility expert and an accomplished speedrunner who has held

> several world records. He also practices what he preaches, and has live

> captioning on his videos. He also expresses that he's not a "disabled

> gamer" but instead he's a gamer who happens to have a disability.

> Check out Halfcoordinated on Twitch:

> https://www.twitch.tv/halfcoordinated/videos

> Sorry for the non-descriptive link, I can't access the right menu to

> rename it.


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> Hi Everyone,


> I enjoy this list, thanks to everyone who shares great information!


> I am looking for specific websites, blogs, etc. that focus on tips for

> setting up more accessible interactive quizzes. For example, there is a

> professor in a college who is wanting to create interactive quizzes (likely

> using javascript, drag and drop, etc.) for their class.


> I have found tips for accessible gaming sites, and some for general

> e-learning. I was wondering if anyone could share any favourites

> specifically for education related interactive quizzes? Or anything close?

> The gaming sources might be okay, but they tend to be geared towards

> slightly different interactions.


> Thanks in advance for your help!


> Cheers


> Lisa

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