[Athen] Braille embosser recommendations?

John Gardner john.gardner at viewplus.com
Tue Jan 14 21:39:24 PST 2020

Dan, I try not to wear out my welcome on this list by talking a lot about ViewPlus products, but please look at the ViewPlus Columbia v2 and (if you want sheet instead of tractor feeder) the Delta. I guarantee you will
be happy you did. Everybody knows about Tiger embossers. These are “Tiger2” and make braille that even the Braillo folks admire. But they are ViewPlus embossers, so they make great graphics too, though different from Tiger.


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Happy new year ATHEN!

Our relatively new Juliet 120 (made by Index) is wonky and I'm not at all happy with current technical support. Specifically, it should not choke on its own firmware update and need an RMA to put back in working order.

Has anyone found an equivalent embosser that is working well for them?

Our needs range from a hundred or so pages per month to hundreds per day, depending on the quarter.

I sure miss our old Juliet Pro.

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