[Athen] function signs in NVDA

Andrea L. Dietrich adietrich at cornell.edu
Thu Jun 11 12:21:12 PDT 2020

Maybe try a different voice? I’ve noticed differences in various text-to-speech programs I’ve tried where different voices will read some things differently.

-Andi :)

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Hi all,

I was contacted by a math colleague of mine from AZ about a project she's working on creating a PPT slide deck for math using NVDA.

She's set up with MathType & MathPlayer, but has reported a problem with NVDA not recognizing simple function symbols such as "+" and "-" being read correctly in NVDA.

I could not easily find my notes on this and wondered if anyone out there has a suggestion about a simple fix for this? A setting?

Any info would be helpful for me to pass along to her

Thanks in advance.
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