[Athen] help elevating a feature request

Lucy GRECO lgreco at berkeley.edu
Tue Sep 22 14:34:43 PDT 2020

hello every one sorry for the cross posting but i am hoping some of you
could join ths conversation and help us get this feature added to
siteimprove asap.
here is a link to the request in the hier ed community in siteimprove if
your willing to help
log in to siteimprove if you have an account then visit this link
we are asking siteimporve to give us a way to find what the most frequent
problems are and give us a way to find them with out haveing to look at
every single site in the account to find them. write now we have to open
each sites report and pull that information manually and frankly i just
don't have the time for that. i would rather spend my time creating the
training for people to fix the problems smile lucy please let me know if
you do go in and vote it up lucy
Lucia Greco
Web Accessibility Evangelist
IST - Architecture, Platforms, and Integration
University of California, Berkeley
(510) 289-6008 skype: lucia1-greco
Follow me on twitter @accessaces
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