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I think you are remembering the issues with JAWS and ZoomText, not Zoom Conferencing software.

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I remember hearing that this was an issue back in the win7 days, but I hadn’t experienced it either. My vague remembrance is that either jaws had to be installed first, or zoom first in order to get it to work. Sorry I don’t have better memory.


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I use Jaws with Zoom quite often and have never experienced anything like this. I find Zoom to be really accessible with Jaws. Not sure what would cause the issues you mention.

Good luck resolving the problem.


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Hello. I have a student that is using JAWS and is reporting that the program conflicts with Zoom and create a feedback loop that crashes the app and disables them from engaging with the class audio. They are also stating that they use a

hand held recorder, which is placed next to the speaker, but when this loopback happens and they sign back into the session, the audio is no longer being recorded. I have tested this, our ITS department has sat in on class sessions with the student, and we

are not getting the same experience. Has anyone had this occur and was there a way to prevent this from happening?

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