[Athen] audio described graduation ceremony

Christa Milller spuddyat at gmail.com
Wed Apr 21 08:53:48 PDT 2021

Hi All,

Our university commencement team has received a request to have an audio
described commencement ceremony. Since the ceremony is being pre-recorded
and then premiered on YouTube live, we are trying to find a set of supports
that might work.

First, we're considering a full transcript of the ceremony with the Audio
Descriptions written in print. This would basically be an alternative
access plan. To do that, we really need an example of what that would look
like. If you have one and can send it to me at millerch at vt.edu, I
would appreciate it.

Second, we're considering if we can use YouDescribe to create the audio
described version to share with the requesting individual. We're trying to
find out if there are any hangups with our software acquisition and
security offices. But for those of you who've used it, do you have
recommendations on how to use it well?

Third, is there a way to provide a separate audio track that could be
provided directly to the user and just synced with the live premier?

Thanks in advance,

Christa Miller
Virginia Tech
millerch at vt.edu
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