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Audio descriptions are typically needed if there's something being
presented that is not vocalized. Do you have an example of what would need
to be described for a commencement ceremony? If someone is speaking, then
the audio of the speech itself is essentially the AD. A transcript of the
speech is also helpful. But if one speaker introduces another speaker, is
there anything to describe between the speakers?

If part of the ceremony has a video presentation that just has music and no
words, then that might need AD.

I know you're asking *how* to handle AD and not *why* they're needed. The
*why* should be somewhat irrelevant. I'm just trying to think of where AD
would be needed in a commencement ceremony.

On Wed, Apr 21, 2021 at 9:54 AM Christa Milller <spuddyat at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi All,


> Our university commencement team has received a request to have an audio

> described commencement ceremony. Since the ceremony is being pre-recorded

> and then premiered on YouTube live, we are trying to find a set of supports

> that might work.


> First, we're considering a full transcript of the ceremony with the Audio

> Descriptions written in print. This would basically be an alternative

> access plan. To do that, we really need an example of what that would look

> like. If you have one and can send it to me at millerch at vt.edu, I

> would appreciate it.


> Second, we're considering if we can use YouDescribe to create the audio

> described version to share with the requesting individual. We're trying to

> find out if there are any hangups with our software acquisition and

> security offices. But for those of you who've used it, do you have

> recommendations on how to use it well?


> Third, is there a way to provide a separate audio track that could be

> provided directly to the user and just synced with the live premier?


> Thanks in advance,


> Christa Miller

> Virginia Tech

> millerch at vt.edu

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