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Derek Featherstone’s short recent article (https://feather.ca/inclusion/describing/
Inclusive teaching: audio describing your own presentations<https://feather.ca/inclusion/describing/>) might be helpful if shared with anyone speaking or presenting at the ceremony

As far as transcript examples:
This example is pretty old, but http://accessproject.colostate.edu/udl/video/index.php has the transcript with audio descriptions (and an MP3) of the audio described version of the video we created.

Also, the WCAG theme song by David MacDonald has a good example of AD transcript. https://www.davidmacd.com/wcag_theme_song.html

Other ideas…
You could use CADET to generate the script for AD, then use YouDescribe to post the synched audiodescribed version (http://ncamftp.wgbh.org/cadet/).

• You could host the video on a webpage (rather than on YouTube) using ABLE Player to either display the text AD or record a second audio track and attach to the video.

· From https://ableplayer.github.io/ableplayer/
“Supports text-based audio description, also using WebVTT. At designated times, the description text is read aloud by browsers, or by screen readers for browsers that don’t support the Web Speech API. Users can optionally set their player to pause when audio description starts in order to avoid conflicts between the description and program audio.
· Supports audio description as a separate video. When two videos are available (one with description and one without), both can be delivered together using the same player and users can toggle between the versions.”

Sounds like it will be an interesting project to work on!

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Audio descriptions are typically needed if there's something being presented that is not vocalized. Do you have an example of what would need to be described for a commencement ceremony? If someone is speaking, then the audio of the speech itself is essentially the AD. A transcript of the speech is also helpful. But if one speaker introduces another speaker, is there anything to describe between the speakers?

If part of the ceremony has a video presentation that just has music and no words, then that might need AD.

I know you're asking *how* to handle AD and not *why* they're needed. The *why* should be somewhat irrelevant. I'm just trying to think of where AD would be needed in a commencement ceremony.

On Wed, Apr 21, 2021 at 9:54 AM Christa Milller <spuddyat at gmail.com<mailto:spuddyat at gmail.com>> wrote:
Hi All,

Our university commencement team has received a request to have an audio described commencement ceremony. Since the ceremony is being pre-recorded and then premiered on YouTube live, we are trying to find a set of supports that might work.

First, we're considering a full transcript of the ceremony with the Audio Descriptions written in print. This would basically be an alternative access plan. To do that, we really need an example of what that would look like. If you have one and can send it to me at millerch at vt.edu<mailto:millerch at vt.edu>, I would appreciate it.
Second, we're considering if we can use YouDescribe to create the audio described version to share with the requesting individual. We're trying to find out if there are any hangups with our software acquisition and security offices. But for those of you who've used it, do you have recommendations on how to use it well?

Third, is there a way to provide a separate audio track that could be provided directly to the user and just synced with the live premier?

Thanks in advance,

Christa Miller
Virginia Tech
millerch at vt.edu<mailto:millerch at vt.edu>
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