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Michele Bromley michele.bromley at pdx.edu
Tue Aug 17 09:49:11 PDT 2021

Good morning, all!

Apologies for cross-posting. I'm working with a client who is really
committed to making their HTML degree maps as accessible as possible. There
are several external and in-page links in their template. We've discussed
descriptive link names that clearly indicate purpose, etc. We've also
discussed the importance of naming links differently/uniquely if they lead
to two, separate destinations.

In one of their course tables, there are three, separate links in three,
separate cells that refer to courses in a series (e.g. English 101, English
102, and English 103). Each of these is an in-page link to a note below the
table that applies to the entire series.

I'm having trouble remembering whether or not it's a problem for
differently named links to lead to the same destination. Any clarity you
can provide would be helpful!



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