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Hi Wink,

Please read the white paper, which I helped to prepare after a 2-day roundtable discussion with a who’s-who of copyright lawyers, disability rights lawyers and other experts, including Jamie. There just isn’t anything in the law that requires students to buy an inaccessible book before they can be provided with an accessible one. If you can tell me where you find such a requirement, either in Section 121 or in the HathiTrust opinion (the only two sources of law on this subject, more or less), I’d be grateful, and we will revise the white paper accordingly. But neither I nor any expert in that meeting could see any legal basis for this practice.


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I respectfully disagree. I'm going to throw out Jamie Axelrod's NAU info page on what's necessary to fulfill copyright requirements: https://in.nau.edu/disability-resources/alternate-format-program/#:~:text=Publishers%20currently%20have%20a%20requirement,proof%20of%20purchase%20on%20file.

If textbooks are required for classes and the expectation is that all students must have the books (or access to the books) for class, why should students with disabilities be exempted from the requirement? This is federal copyright law. Among the gods we serve in alt-text production and accommodations, OCR is god#1 and copyright is god#2.

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The short answer is, in my opinion, no. The long answer with supporting documention can be found at https://www.arl.org/resources/the-law-and-accessible-texts-reconciling-civil-rights-and-copyrights/

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Hi all,

When you work with students who have been approved for alternate texts, do you require proof of purchase or proof of having a copy of the text, such as purchase from Amazon, having a “physical copy”, whether used or bought from a friend?



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