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We used AIRA for a student who was doing a student teaching internship a couple years ago. The students in the class were minors, which was another area of concern on top of those already mentioned below. We were told that all of their agents are screened are trained to follow HIPAA-level privacy at all times. The student had nothing but praise for the service. I recall there being a slight disagreement in what we thought we had purchased and what we were invoiced, but I do not believe it was very major (and very well could have been a miscommunication on either side).

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Hi all,

We've also had inquiries about AIRA. I'm also interested in your feedback - so please share to the list!

Along with Todd's wonder about security/privacy, I'd add FERPA to that list since they might be looking at class type data...

Note: I did have one experience with a guide via a phone (I'm not remembering what service) and, luckily, the individual was with me as they were trying the service - they would have ended up in a dead end area because the agent was relying on a map, and I believe glasses, and didn't realize the street didn't go through - a common occurrence on campuses!

Bear Down,

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External Email

Cross-posting this in a few common places--apologies in advance for any redundancy.

A couple of people on our campus have asked about AIRA, an app/service that connects blind people with remote agents to provide assistance with tasks in real time. If you have had experience with this product, I'd love to hear your impressions. Pluses and deltas welcome.

I should note that in addition to the base features, we're curious to hear thoughts on other aspect of the AIRA experience--security/privacy, support, cost. Thanks for any insights you can provide.


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