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As the planning for the spring 2022 semester is underway, the National Deaf
Center <https://www.nationaldeafcenter.org/>(NDC) is here to provide
support to disability services professionals. NDC’s mission is to close the
education and employment gaps for deaf individuals by providing strategies,
evidence, and guidance to a variety of stakeholders. Listed below are some
resources to guide your preparation for the spring semester. Happy planning!

Semester Planning Guides

Our Guide for College and Postsecondary Programs
<https://www.nationaldeafcenter.org/guides-college> provides tools and
resources for accommodating deaf students in online, face-to-face, and
hybrid classrooms. The strategies from our webinar on Tips & Resources for
Reopening Campus <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVbOMHu1yrg> offer
valuable information for navigating access issues surrounding face masks,
remote services, and hiring qualified professionals. Additionally, our
guide on Making Online Learning Accessible for Deaf Students
<https://www.nationaldeafcenter.org/DSSOnlineTeaching> is a comprehensive
manual on how to ensure access for online learning through collaboration
with the student, disability services, and instructors.

Access for Internships, Fieldwork and Clinical Experiences

Spring semesters are usually when programs require students to participate
in internships or fieldwork experiences. Our Equitable Access Guide:
Understanding Legal Responsibilities for Institutions
<http://www.nationaldeafcenter.org/eag> may help answer questions about how
colleges can meet their legal responsibilities while ensuring effective
during all facets of a student’s college experience. Information about
providing access during internships and clinical experiences can be found
in Section 9: Internships and Accessibility
Additionally, our tipsheet on Creating Access: Internships and Field
summarizes the legal mandates and responsibilities for arranging


NDC has launched a Frequently Asked Questions
<https://www.nationaldeafcenter.org/faqs>(FAQs) page that are based on many
of the questions received by the NDC | Help Team
<https://www.nationaldeafcenter.org/get-help>. Some sample FAQ topics are
listed below:


Face Masks <https://www.nationaldeafcenter.org/face-masks-faqs>

Remote Services <https://www.nationaldeafcenter.org/remote-services-faqs>

Assistive Technology

Deaf Medical Students

E-learning Opportunities

NDC offers a variety of free e-learning
<https://www.nationaldeafcenter.org/learn> opportunities to support the
postsecondary success of deaf students. Earn RID CEUs or CRC clock hours by
completing one of our short courses or dig deeper and enroll in one of our
course series. Some of our e-learning courses are listed below:


Deaf 101 <https://learn.nationaldeafcenter.org/courses/d101>

Foundations of Effective Accommodations

Instructional Strategies for Deaf Student Success

Teaching Deaf Students Online

We hope the above information is helpful and we welcome additional
questions at help at nationaldeafcenter.org. We also offer virtual
appointments with one of our Help Team Specialists. If interested in making
an appointment with us, please visit our website at:
nationaldeafcenter.org/on-call <https://www.nationaldeafcenter.org/on-call>

*NDC | help team*
*help at nationaldeafcenter.org <help at nationaldeafcenter.org>*
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NDC is a technical assistance and dissemination center funded by the U.S.
Department of Education's Office of Special Education Programs
#H326D210002. Project Officer: Dr. Louise Tripoli. Disclaimers: 1) The
contents of this email do not necessarily represent the positions or
policies of the federal government. 2) NDC does not provide legal advice
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