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I'm coming in late on this thread, however if the student still has the
Dragon application installed to his PC the install key is listed both on the
About splash screen from the help file and as an item in the registry.
Depending on the version of the software if they need to replace the disc
itself Nuance should be able to do this directly, the last time I did this
the cost was $9.00. -ed.

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Hi Kenneth,

I was asking on behalf of a student who lost his cd during a move. He wanted
us to use the department cd to install on his personal hard drive. I said
Nuance would help him find a back up copy based on his registered security
key. I know they would provide a back up copy (for a fee) for a licensed
user. It's just so hard to get through the firewall Nuance puts up against
the post-sales problems that arise. They have great front-end support. After
the sale? An exercise in frustration unless you can find a way past the
fire-wall to ask and get answers to your questions. Personally. some years
ago I had my hard drive stolen. My last version of DNS was done via a
download & I did not have a back up on CD (I learned an important lesson on
this one!), and I was told repeatedly that I needed to uninstall DNS from
the previous computer before reinstalling with the same security key. I kept
explaining how much I would love to uninstall after I got my hands off the
throat of the creep who stole my bag off the back of my wheelchair but I
really couldn't perform that function. It is seriously frustrating to fight
through layers to find this sort of help.

Makes me so very grateful for our knowledgeable colleagues on this list who
have contacts and links and can help sort through things such as this

Thanks for your input & information!!


On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 5:59 AM, Kenneth Elkind <Kenneth.Elkind at umb.edu>

You may want to talk to the sales rep that handles higher education in your
area. I found them quite useful they may be able to steer you in the right
direction. At least the salesperson might be able to link you to the tech
support that handles higher education accounts, this would bypass the retail

I'm a little pessimistic that they would provide you with old software.

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