[Athen] Making Math Accessible in Word

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Good afternoon, the accessibility will be created when you save the document
out of word. Currently the most reliable way to produce is to save it out as
a Webpage, but there are some configuration issues that need to be dealt
with. Here is a manual that Sean Keegan and I created a few years back that
may be off assistance. I am sure others will chime in on this conversation
as well. Some of the techniques may need to be tweaked to deal with newer
versions of the various products. Also once you have produced your final
product a great tool to test it with is CAR
ecs that works with Word docs.

Ron Stewart

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Hi Everyone,

I am in the process of creating some trigonometric worksheets in Word. I am
interesting in making them accessible so visually challenged students who
are using readers can access them. I am using Office 2007, Word 2010 and
MathType 6.9. I have no issues on how to create math items using MathType in
general. However, I am not sure how to make them accessible. Currently,
when I use the incline feature of MathType, type in my math problem and save
it to the Word document it shows that it is not accessible because there is
no alt-tag. Based on my research, MathType is supposed to make the math
accessible, I believe that it creates a MathML tag? So I am wondering if I
missed a step or two or perhaps I am misunderstanding something.

I am having a hard time finding anything helpful that tells me how to make
math that I type in MathType and save as part of a Word document accessible
for students using readers.

Is the math I created through MathType accessible when the alt tag is
blank?? OR am I missing a step or two??

Can anyone help me?

Thank You,

Kim Seward

WTAMU Math Instructor/Director of Math Labs

kseward at wtamu.edu

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