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Thank you Lisa! Yours’s is a good starting point for me. The library is just now partnering with me and the ADA Council regarding AT equipment. Other than books, the library hasn’t had an equipment loan/checkout program… so far. I’m working on it though, and not just for SWDs.


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Hi Normajean,

Does the library have any written policies for other things they check out to students? That might be a good place to start. Although we check out AT equipment to students ourselves, we try to mirror library policy for the sake of consistency.

We check out a high volume of equipment every term, but loans are not based on financial need. Items that are used in the classroom, such as a CCTV, are placed by us, but not checked out to the student.

Students receive an email receipt from us (below) after checking equipment out. We used to print out a form and have students sign it at checkout, but this doesn't really make any difference in returns. It was also often impractical to print and scan a paper form in training sessions that might take place away from our main office, so we no longer do that.

We also place a packing slip into the equipment case, which states that the student is responsible for equipment that is lost, damaged, or stolen. The packing slip includes numbered pictures and descriptions of all pieces included with the equipment. This assists both the student in returning all of the pieces, and staff when checking the items in.

Following is a sample of our equipment email receipt:

Portland Community College Disability Services AT Checkout
§ Students should not expect courtesy loans to serve as their only means of access to course materials or activities. Note that alternate format materials can be downloaded and accessed in computer labs.
§ Disability Services provides training in the use of technologies and can help students identify and leverage accessible community and campus- based computing resources.
§ Borrower accepts responsibility for the repair or replacement of the equipment in the event of loss, theft, or damage. Replacement cost and prices will be based on current market costs.
§ Refrain from unauthorized attempts to circumvent the security mechanisms of any college system.
§ Refrain from using college computing resources for commercial purposes.
§ Refrain from unauthorized viewing or use of another person's computer files, programs, accounts, and data. If you find another person's information in the system, please contact our office as soon as possible.
§ PCC Disability Services is not responsible for your personal data left in the equipment. PCC Disability Services suggests that all personal data should be kept in an external device.
§ Borrowers may not install their own software, or change system settings without written approval from PCC Disability Services. EQUIPMENT SHOULD NEVER BE LEFT UNATTENDED. PCC is not responsible if equipment is stolen or damaged during the borrower's loan period. The borrower is responsible for equipment until it has been returned and checked in by staff.
§ Equipment should not be used in locations that might increase the likelihood of damage and should be kept in a padded carrying case or sleeve during transportation.

Access to Technology
§ Accessible Computing opportunities are provided for all PCC students across the college. The standard configuration of computer lab stations includes access technologies, but additional software or hardware can be requested through DS and placed as needed when appropriate.
§ PCC Libraries provide loaner equipment including a variety of assistive technologies. These options are afforded on a first-come first-served basis.
§ Disability Services provides classroom based equipment on an individualized basis through the accommodation process.
§ Disability Services loans equipment as a courtesy to assist students in the process of discovering which tools and techniques are most effective for them as learners, and as a means to address a short-term or acute need. The loans are made on a term-by-term basis and are not meant to provide ongoing personal home-based use of college-owned equipment.
§ Students should not expect courtesy loans to serve as their only means of access to course materials or activities. Note that alternate format materials can be downloaded and accessed in computer labs.
§ Disability Services provides training in the use of technologies and can help students identify and leverage accessible community and campus- based computing resources.

User Full Name:


School ID:


Due Date:


Additional Note:


Item(s) Checked Out
Equipment Description

Serial Number


Livescribe 3-D Recording Earbuds Loaner 9687

$ 30.00

Please return equipment to the Disability Services office of your choice during open business hours (please contact the office of return to find out their open hours). Please note that we will send due date reminders by email, and will charge late fees, or replacement fees, which could result in financial holds on student accounts.

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Thank you Cindy. That is our intention – barcoded, cataloged, and checked out through our library who can officially put a hold on student records; however, since this is the first time doing this, neither I nor the library know what to write up in a loan policy that would cover all bases.

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We do loan equipment, but the equipment is barcoded and checked out through our library. If the equipment is not returned, the student cannot re-register for classes. The system has only gone awry once in 15 years because the student dropped off the face of the earth. Other than that, the outcomes are positive.

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Hello Fellow Athenites!

I’m wondering if any of you/your colleges have an equipment loan program (CCTVs? (portable or ?), laptops with AT installed, ALDs, etc. And, if you do, do you have a written policy/statement of rights and responsibilities for students, and do you have them sign something before they are loaned the equipment? I hope this makes sense. And, would you be willing to share those documents with me so I have some idea of how to craft our documents.

We’re finding more and more of our students in disadvantaged situations, and where they do not qualify for state services for a variety of reasons. In the case of low vision who could utilize a portable CCTV such as a Topaz PHD or like, it would seem advantageous to allow them to check out a portable device to carry between campuses, classes and home. Yes, I know… 3,000$ +/- is a lot for replacing a piece of equipment that may or may not come back in a workable state but…

Thank you in advance.

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