[Athen] Sans Cyber Security training and accessibility

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Support people always give this kind of advice,
when they don't have an actual answer for
you. They just start throwing generic solutions
at a problem, hoping one of them will work. The
problem is that sometimes they do -- but usually they don't.


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>And you wouldn’t believe this! When I reported

>the issue to our help desk I was advised to clear my browsers cache!


>Why is it that whenever I report access issues

>with any product I’m subjected to inept advice

>like restart the computer or change your

>browser’s settings! The last time I reported an

>access issue with a web-based app the case was

>closed with the determination that there was a “compatibility prob


” between the browser and the screen

>reader. Not an accessibility issue but a

>COMPATIBILITY problem! Makes me feel very alone at times.





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>Subject: [Athen] Sans Cyber Security training and accessibility


>We have a required Cyber Security training from

>Sans Institute for employees that has some

>access glitches – not show-stoppers, but glitches.


>I wrote to

><mailto:info at sanstraining.org>info at sanstraining.org,

>but never heard back. I am wondering if other

>colleges ever were able to communicate these issues.


>One problem is that completed training modules

>are shown with a graphical check mark that no

>screen reader seems to be able to locate. Our

>webmaster who looked at it for me says the icons

>that show whether a module is completed or still

>needs to be done are SVG vector images. He also

>said their videos are not captioned. However, I

>was able to get captions to pop up on my Braille

>display so I think the problem is that you have

>to find a “captions” menu and enable them there.


>The other problem is that whenever a module is

>launched, this message appears only to the screen reader:


>This is the pipe page. This will be a hidden

>frame for talking to the SD object from

>dispatch.html document.domain = learn.sans.org

>Send Pipe Message

>Loading content...

>Scorm Data Page Called

>Processing Time = 7ms


>The website to which I’m referring is



>You can’t get there unless your school has purchased this training.


>In another window, the main dashboard window,

>this message appears for everyone:

> Warning Online activity is in

> progress. Do not close this page. You will be

> automatically redirected on completion.

>So the screen reader user is kind of stuck. I

>finally discovered if I refreshed the browser

>and then refreshed the screen reader and then

>pressed enter that the weird pipe message went away.


>When you complete the training, you get a

>certificate, which is an inaccessible PDF. It did OCR well though.


>Finally, the training requires you allow popup

>windows in your browser, even though the very

>act of allowing popups itself is a security

>risk. The whole thing seems very half-baked. Can

>we put pressure on the Sans Institute to pay better attention to accessibility?




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